Our specialty superior quality Minerals

We offer high purity specialty Minerals for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, and other specialty markets. Our minerals are produced by FDA registered manufacturers that operate under bulk pharmaceutical CGMP's and meeting USP/EP/ACS/FCC specifications, Kosher and Halal certifications. We offer a broad line of salts including ascorbates, carbonates, citrates, fumarates, gluconates, lactates, malates, nitrates, phosphates, succinates, sulfates and Ultra Pure Low Heavy Metals.

  • Ammonium Products
  • Calcium Products
  • Low Aluminum Calcium Products
  • Copper Products
  • Iron Products
  • Magnesium Products
  • Manganese Products
  • Potassium Products
  • Sodium Products
  • Zinc Products
  • Ultra Pure, Low Pb/As/Cd/Hg Products
  • Microencapsulated Products

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